The Woodlands High School Rebounders Club is a non-profit organization consisting of parents of students who participate in the high school basketball program. We raise funds to supplement The Woodlands Basketball programs (7th-12th) by providing scholarships to graduating seniors in addition to other ways to enhance the experience for all players, coaches and parents. The Rebounders Club is committed to supporting the student athletes and the needs of the program.

As the Rebounders Club relies solely on the voluntary hours and donations of parents, we encourage all to support the program by donating your time and/or through monetary contributions.  You can support by joining one of many committees below, serve on the board, sign up for concessions during home games, donate food and time during hosted tournaments, volunteer to be a team mom/dad, host team dinners or help with special events (such as the parade) and many more.  By joining the SPORTS YOU APP (instructions below), you will stay connected to all communications regarding games, events, and highlights.

Thank you for your support!


Concessions Director
Nancy McConnell (281-475-3779) ; Beth Ranc (281-650-4971)

Coordinate concession volunteer sign ups and manage inventory for all home games including hosted tournaments.

Sponsorship/Fundraising Director
Jeremy Brown (360-420-6997)

Optimize sponsorships and fundraising opportunities to support program working closely with board members

Social Media Director
Sam Sheldon (281-229-2662)

Maximize social media presence to inform and engage a broad audience in supoport for the basketball program including student body, players, friends and family of players, and communities.

Hospitality/Varsity Tournament Directors
Coy and Tasha Selman with support from Jennifer Hwang (281-528-3652)

Bring together a team to coordinate the varsity tournament hosted by The Woodlands High School. This is a critical fundraising opportunity for the program. Obtain the schedule from the coaches, coordinate with the Hospitality team to stock the coaches’/referees’ break room, coordinate with the Fundraising team to establish sponsor signage and other sponsor recognition, post brackets and ensure scores of games are up to date, establish sign-ups (e.g. signup genius) for working the clock/scorebook and for bringing food/drinks for the hospitality room, coordinate with the Concessions team for stand workers, work with Coach Reed to get a gate worker, establish the referee sign-in to document their games worked and personal info is gathered for payment, coordinate with Treasurers to establish entry fees and to obtain change and turn in gate receipts, work with coaches to ensure trophies are purchased, ensure athletic trainers are available.

Team Parent & Meet the Player Night Director
Elizabeth Chappell (832-725-3265)

Ensure all teams have a Team Parent and then coordinate across each of the team parents. Meet the Player Night is the night where the players get announced across all the teams – starting with Freshman B, Freshman A, Sophomore, JV, and then culminating with the Varsity team being announced. This a stand-alone night in which we want to make the announcement feel special for every player.

Apparel Director
Debbie Newton (832-794-0044) and Karen Toma (281-639-6274)

Select and agree with Head Coach the apparels required or optionally available to players during the season including but not limited to game day warm up jerseys, practice jerseys, and game day shirts.

Homecoming Parade/Float Committee Coordinator
Karoline Fritz (832-652-0123)

Bring together a committee that works with homecoming parade guidelines established by the high school, establish the theme of the float, procure required props/costumes/giveaways, inform players and parents on schedule/location, arrange for trailer for parade, coordinate with coaches/players, organize day of event activities, disassemble float, save props/costumes for future use in storage.

Food Drive Coordinator
Kathy Hauser and Dan Brauweiler

Determine date with head coach, logistics and coordinate with the food bank on delivery/pick-up. Coordinate with coaches to help load bags with players, ensure photo opportunities are captured, coordinate with Communications to share pics on website and social media, and app and follow up on amount of food donated.

Game Day Meals Coordinator
Clyde Mohr, (713)-253-9315

Coordinate with restaurant(s) to negotiate terms (food options and cost) for meals on home and away games for players. Develop and coordinate appropriate ordering processes as applicable and implement via online forms on website. Ensure execution during season by checking for fulfillment and ensure payments made to vendors.

EOY Banquet Coordinator
Kathy Hauser (936-499-3657)

Coordinate senior day recognition activities. Coordinate end of year banquet including booking the venue, planning the menu, decorations, senior gifts, coaches’ gifts, speakers, programs, and invitations as applicable. Obtain volunteers for setting up and tearing down. Coordinate with Treasurers on budget, coordinate with Fundraising for potential sponsors.

Scorer's Table Coordinator
Chris Brown (832-338-0053)

The booster club has spent over $20k on the digital scorer’s table in 2020. This role volunteers to run the digital display and/or ensures there is someone to run it for each game at our gym..

Scorer's Table DJ
Chuck Sheldon (713-203-6867)

Pump up the crowd during games with music and sounds.

Webmaster Coordinator
Elaine Mohr (832-860-278)

Coordinate with Craig Smith (website designer) to update website on all contents on in the Rebounders Club and Links tabs working with other board members and committee directors as needed.

Spotlight Coordinator
David Riggs (713-851-2060)

Coordinate a small group (3-5) volunteers at games to support light coordination at the beginning of Varsity games’ player introductions.

Hooper Helpers and Arch Coordinator
David Riggs (713-851-2060)

Ensure 4 kids (2 under each goal) for each game to clean wet spots with mops from the floors under the baskets. Coordinate with the Fundraising team to identify potential sponsors and ensure recognition via the scorers’ table. Obtain t-shirts for the volunteers to wear with the logo of the sponsor. Ensure there are mops and they are put away at the conclusion of the game (varsity only). Ensure volunteers understand their job and expectations of behavior. Coordinate end of year party for volunteers or some other recognition.


Clyde Mohr (713-253-9315)

Chris Brown (832-338-0053)

Debbie Newton (832-794-0044)

Karen Toma (281-639-6274)

Club Store
Sign up for Rebounders Club Memberships through the Club's online store

The Woodlands High School Rebounders Club uses this app to communicate with parents regarding all things BASKETBALL. Events, game highlights, photo links, and updates as well as game schedules are posted on this app and you can easily communicate with the rebounders club members and your specific teams via this app.  Please download to stay up to date throughout the season.

Below, you will find the link to the app. After creating and validating your account, use the access code XM65T78D to join the 2023-2024 TWHS Basketball Updates group. Make sure you go to settings to receive notifications for new posts. It is free to sign up. Just a heads up, the email for validating your account may take several minutes to arrive in your inbox. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Alexander at (281)229-2662

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